Monday, 13 January 2014

Is your business mobile friendly?

You may have noticed that mobile devices are a pretty big deal nowadays. Almost everybody has got one. Even my mother-in-law. 


The stats are staggering. More than one iPad is sold every second; there are more iPhones sold every day than there are babies born and over 1 Billion Android devices will be shipped in 2014.

With 10 million apps downloaded per hour at peak times of the day, the mobile market is growing at an amazing rate.

They say 35% of all the time spent online is on a mobile device.

So how much of your time have you spent to make sure your business marketing has adapted to this fast-changing market?

Is your business mobile-friendly?



Maybe you have spent a lot of time on your site to get it just right for that larger PC screen experience. But what about smartphones and tablets? Have you tested your site from a device for speed, is it responsive and optimised from a mobile perspective?

Does the content work? Small images, plenty of text, busy homepages and small Hyperlinks instead of clear app-like buttons will put off mobile users faster than you can say Low Battery.  

Of course let's not forget about the pouring of money into the black magic of SEO - only for Google to change the rule. Better join google+ then.....


Social Media

This is a no-brainer for mobile. The titans of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give us fabulous open platforms to present your business, your brand, your ideas and promotions. Its free. Its just hard work getting that page going, collecting followers, thinking of something new to say and does it translate into the most important thing - sales, reservations, bookings?
I saw a popular local pub/restaurant tweeting a promotion last week giving its customers 40% off its food bill on the night they were showing live football. A great promotion. The problem with your social network feeds however is that your great message can sink really quick as the minutes tick by. How many people really saw and took notice of that post? Nevertheless they are a great step forward. You only have to see how small the Yellow Pages is nowadays to see how things have changed.


Mobile Apps

An app is a little computer programme downloaded from the app stores that sits on your phone, integrates with its features and get carried around everywhere your customers go.
Historically they were a small fortune to produce so it was the preserve of your mega-platforms such as Facebook, uber-brands, banks and the clever chaps at Candy Crush. 

"Great idea, but I'm just a theatre / bar / restaurant and I don't have a spare kidney to sell" you say.

No problem, we say.
That's why Pockit World exists. We design, build and publish mobile apps for business, events, festivals, bands. We do it because we love it and we want your business to succeed. We are affordable.

If you can give someone enough reasons to justify 5MB of smartphone real estate then you have just jumped right into the forefront of the digital marketing race. You can post messages and have those lovely, irresistible red notifications sat in the pockets of your customers, publish events, promotions, loyalty schemes .... lots more.

Please see for more information.

This is our first Blog post and we look forward to many more sharing our thoughts, market trends and other fun bits we come across most weeks. Thanks for reading.

Oh and finally.....

....a personal plea. If your are a bricks and mortar establishment. Cafe, bar, hotel, retailer where people spend time - make sure you've got Free Wifi. After oxygen my friend, people want nothing more.

Be that guy!

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