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10 Reasons For Your Business to have a Mobile App

The smart phone and tablet market is huge - over a billion handsets are in operation around the world and its growing, very fast.

In every coffee shop, street, train or at a gig you will see dozens of people totally absorbed in these little devices.

Game Changers

It’s changing the way that people engage with their world. The traditional model of people sitting at home or at work with a PC or Laptop and a large screen is rapidly changing. Mobile is gobbling up market share and its already about 35% of all web traffic. PC isn’t going away, but its domination is being challenged, and fast.

On these devices are ‘Apps’. Mobile Applications are little computer programmes that integrate with the features on the phone. Games (Angry Birds, Candy Crush), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Photo App’s (Instagram) are the big categories. And the market is worth £Billion’s.


So what does this mean for business?

There is an incredible opportunity. In almost every pocket of exactly the kind of people you want to target is a mobile phone that you can put your App on.

The trouble is that traditionally the cost of development has been way beyond the budget of most businesses. 


Pockit World is changing that concept. We can develop a mobile app’s for your business and it can be for about the same price as a small one-off media campaign, leaflet campaign or website launch.

But it’s not right for everyone. You have to be careful not to treat your customers like walking Classified Ad’s. You need to interact and engage your user base with your brand, promotions and useful information that they will be happy to give up a little bit of space on their most cherished gadget.

ANY business could have an app developed for it. However, the App will flourish in some markets over others. so here we feature the Top 10 reasons that will help you decide if your business needs to join the mobile world. You don’t have to check all 10, even 1 will do. Have a read….

1.       Loyalty 


Plenty of businesses have repeat visitors, members, students, subscribers, fans. This frequent engagement makes an app a very useful tool to use for bookings, advertising availability and getting bums on seats. The list is huge. Bars, Clubs, Gyms, Restaurants, Schools, Sports Teams, Churches, Cinema’s, Theatres, Garages, Shopping Centres, Visitor Attractions and Theme Parks, Taxi’s firms, Crèches, Spa’s, Hair and Beauty Salons, Therapists Doctors, Bands, Museums…..

2.       Promotions


Offers, discounts and promotions are fantastic content for an app. “Happy Hour”, “10% off ", “Early Bird”. Think about it - you are a restaurant sending a promotion out on a slow Tuesday afternoon just about the time people are making their meal decisions for the evening. An app is perfect for Advance Bookings, Reservations, when prices change quickly (Currency Exchange for example) then the app can engage much faster than a passive website as it is so quick to change and send out a Message alert.

3.       Members


For a brand that promotes itself on behalf of third parties an app is a great way to give added value and it is a fantastic extra promotional tool with an eager and ready-made audience! Associations, Unions, Events, Sports Clubs, Exhibitions, Conferences, City Guides, Festivals, Shopping Centres and Business Networking Events all want to engage users on behalf of their members or clients. Often these brands that can attract advertising partners and sponsors onto their platform to make the project zero cost which is a huge added bonus.

Exhibitions, Events, Festivals are great for Mobile App's

4.       Competition


Does your business have a lot of competition amongst peers? A busy marketplace for plenty of professions may have you struggling to get noticed amongst the crowd. A mobile would do just that. Search for "Personal Trainer Leeds" on the app store. In early 2014 there was just one result – for our app! Use your app with enquiry forms, Social Media, camera, event and Messaging functions to create a buzz about your brand. Estate Agents and Lettings, Recruitment, Financial, Legal services could all benefit. In the Leisure sector restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, theatres can all have plenty of good fun and interaction with their customers.

5.       Leader


In every sector there are brands with a vision, enlightenment and they stand out with how they present themselves and their services. Catching the wave of mobile ahead of the pack would add so much value to that. Mobile is extremely current, fresh and, dare we say, Zeitgeist.

6.       Social


A brand that is active on social media channels, in its community and market and can promote the app to its audience will ensure the app is a fantastic addition to its tools. Not only will you have the experience and the savvy but also the people to make it happen. Events, festivals, bands, football clubs have ready-made engagement waiting to happen. Bars frequented by students, popular venues, attractions can all take advantage. On the other hand you will also know how quickly a Tweet can fall down people’s feeds, how slow it can be to build up followers and how hard Facebook is making it to “reach” people without paid assistance.  With an app you can put on content that each customer, visitor and fan is going to need to download and you can break that barrier between you and your users in a way that websites, Social Media and print advertising just can’t. 

7.       Demographic


Smartphone use is more almost everywhere but the habit of downloading an app and using it is going to be in the younger rather than the older side of life. Think about your customers and how they behave but don’t underestimate - there are plenty of perfectly capable Silver Surfers out there!

8.       Events


Its simple. If you have regular events, schedules, line-ups, workshops, meetings, seminars, gigs, shows, fixtures……an app is a perfect platform to use to communicate directly with your users. Integrate your event directly with the phone's calendar and you are away!


9.       Temporary 


We love to create “Disposable” Apps! Let us explain…

Its the first day after arriving at a new hotel or resort and you've just put the suncream on when your better half says “Can you pop to reception to find out what time the Kid’s Club starts?” Some of these places are huge and they have just the one notice board which means you clock up a few miles in your flip-flops. They also probably have Free Wifi. This is a wasted opportunity. 

Beyond the Hotel, Resort or Campsite there are loads of times when you go somewhere and need to access lots of information in a short space of time. After you leave you can delete the app. Festivals, Exhibitions, Launches, Conferences, City Guides, Attractions, Theme Parks, Museums, Shopping Centres, Tourist Information, it’s a huge list. In the past the cost of building an app made the idea of a temporary one too painful. Now it’s easy, and a very good idea.

10.   Image


The final factor to have an app for your business is that we think it’s pretty cool. That could sound weak, it’s got to have a purpose right? Well, we think that 1-9 have covered all that. We think that after enormous investments in staff, premises, machinery, equipment, software and everything else you deserve to be on the Apple and Android app stores, on people phones and engaging with your customers beyond the barriers of websites, Twitter and email.  

So there you have it, that about covers it for us. Plenty of businesses can take advantage and flourish with a mobile app. What do you think? 

Pockit World

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